The Surprisingly Wide Reach of GDPR

Sarah Laws, Data Protection Officer, London Borough of Camden

Quality in Quantity - The Need for Better Data

Colm Kincaid, Director of Securities and Markets Supervision, Central Bank of Ireland

Getting To Know Your Data?

Andy Wall, CSO, Office for National Statistics

A Network of Networks: The Future of Digital Correspondent Banking

A Network of Networks: The Future of...

Simone Del Guerra, Global Head of Financial Institutions Cash & Trade Sales, UniCredit...

ADUCID: Infusing Dynamism into Identity Authentication

ADUCID: Infusing Dynamism into Identity...

David Rihak, Digital Identity Director,ADUCID

Edgewhere: Ensuring Data Integrity with Blockchain

Edgewhere: Ensuring Data Integrity with...

Cyril Dever, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer,Edgewhere

BILLON: Combining the Best of Distributed Ledger and Blockchain

BILLON: Combining the Best of...

Wojciech Kostrzewa, CEO,BILLON

Deepening Personalization of Products and Experiences

Deepening Personalization of Products and Experiences

Giri Durbhakula, VP & CIO, National Pen

Platon Finance: Unlocking the Potential of Cryptocurrency

Julie Tanner, Co-Founder & COO,Platon Finance

Sagittae Financial Services: Reinventing the Insurance Value Chain

Ton Wennekendonk, COO & Founder and Robert Volkert, CEO & Founder,Sagittae Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions: A Unique Approach to AI Development

Artificial Intelligence Business...

Stuart Thurlow, Managing Director,Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions

How have recent technology developments and transformations in the Enterprise Contract Management space made their impacts on your business environment?

How have recent technology developments...

Carolyn Jungclas, CPSM, MBA, Director- Procurement & Vendor Management, First- Citizens...

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