The Surprisingly Wide Reach of GDPR

Sarah Laws, Data Protection Officer, London Borough of Camden

Quality in Quantity - The Need for Better Data

Colm Kincaid, Director of Securities and Markets Supervision, Central Bank of Ireland

Getting To Know Your Data?

Andy Wall, CSO, Office for National Statistics

A Network of Networks: The Future of Digital Correspondent Banking

A Network of Networks: The Future of...

Simone Del Guerra, Global Head of Financial Institutions Cash & Trade Sales, UniCredit...

ADUCID: Infusing Dynamism into Identity Authentication

ADUCID: Infusing Dynamism into Identity...

David Rihak, Digital Identity Director,ADUCID

Edgewhere: Ensuring Data Integrity with Blockchain

Edgewhere: Ensuring Data Integrity with...

Cyril Dever, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer,Edgewhere

BILLON: Combining the Best of Distributed Ledger and Blockchain

BILLON: Combining the Best of...

Wojciech Kostrzewa, CEO,BILLON

Deepening Personalization of Products and Experiences

Deepening Personalization of Products and Experiences

Giri Durbhakula, VP & CIO, National Pen

Platon Finance: Unlocking the Potential of Cryptocurrency

Julie Tanner, Co-Founder & COO,Platon Finance

Sagittae Financial Services: Reinventing the Insurance Value Chain

Ton Wennekendonk, COO & Founder and Robert Volkert, CEO & Founder,Sagittae Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions: A Unique Approach to AI Development

Artificial Intelligence Business...

Stuart Thurlow, Managing Director,Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions

Vohkus: Delivering Customer Success Seamlessly

Vohkus: Delivering Customer Success...

Jagadish Rao Raghavendra, Managing Director,Vohkus

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