Merits of Digital Asset Management in 2022

CIO Review Europe | Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Ribbon – Such AI integrated enterprise content management (ECM) platforms can function in digital workplaces that contains various integrated components — such as enterprise document administration, data capture, and extraction with secure storage.

Fremont, CA: Quality content is an important factor in marketing. It helps firms resonate with consumers, enhance their brand loyalty, and ultimately drive revenue growth. That’s why the demand for exceptional creative work – from photography and original artwork to posters and videos – is at an all-time rise at present. The constant demand for marketing content suggests that fresh assets are constantly being designed. Also, in situations demanding re-creation of lost materials can be evaded–once all files are in the system, they’re safe and easy to find.

Internal content collaborators, sales teams, and external partners could instantly access materials via these applications. Additionally, integrating it with other marketing platforms can further automate and enhance distribution processes across channels and other systems. Consistency in brand messaging is one of the many factors that determine the growth and success of a business. It ensures that all team members use the same brand documents. Facilitating effective sharing of files by using artificial intelligence (AI) search engines can help marketing teams to minimize the use of outdated or low-quality versions of documents. This consistent use of the right content aids to ensure that a cohesive brand message is used at every customer touchpoint.

Such AI integrated enterprise content management (ECM) platforms can work in digital workplaces that include several integrated components—such as enterprise document management, data capture, and extraction with secure storage. Whilst also supporting access control, retention and classification—to enable search across internal and external repositories and data sources—gaining control of data.

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