Checklist to Make the Right Sales Tech Investments in 2022

CIO Review Europe | Monday, February 15, 2021

Keeping in mind the right steps to make the right sales tech investment can improve productivity

FREMONT CA: If sales leaders want to help their teams win in 2022, they must invest wisely in sales technology. The right sales tech stack may boost rep participation and increase sales productivity by:

• Sellers and supervisors will benefit from the automation of administrative tasks.

• Providing instruction and advice in real-time.

• Collection of valuable customer and seller data.

However, there are numerous sales technology solutions on the market. This causes a lot of customer uncertainty and tiredness, making identifying the finest sales tech a difficult task.

Building the ideal sales tech stack to unlock the full power of your sales force should be a deliberate and well-thought-out effort. It begins with identifying the most significant pain points for your salespeople and managers, followed by prioritizing which of those pain points to fix based on the following criteria:

• What will have the greatest influence on the sales team’s productivity? 

• What can be done to have an impact on the 2022 results?

This role-based approach can help you choose whether providing visibility to your managers on how to coach and improve your salespeople effectively is more important than correcting reps' forecasting accuracy.

Auditing the existing sales tech stack to identify what investments are already made. Before investing in advanced capabilities like conversation intelligence and forecasting, ensuring that the firm has core technologies in place, such as sales force automation and sales content management, is very important.

After reviewing the sales tech stack, fixing the broken processes before making additional tech investments is mandatory. Purchasing technology will only accelerate procedures that have been poorly planned. Too often, salespeople purchase technology to expect it will solve all of their difficulties. In actuality, the issues are frequently caused by something else, such as inefficient processes. Data collection and email sequences are examples of process bottlenecks that sales leaders should search for solutions to unload, eliminate, outsource, and automate. However, to reach its full potential, the technology must be incorporated into the overall revenue tech stack to reach its full potential.

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