GDPR Transforming Data Protection Tactics for Securing Businesses

CIOReview | Friday, November 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The wave of regulation that began with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has made its way across the pond. Now, lawmakers are considering a new proposal that would give citizens greater leverage against businesses that improperly collect or use personal data. It is indicative of a growing shift in expectations surrounding technological privacy and corporate responsibility. There are some essentials for complying with new data privacy regulations.

Companies should be well aware of the uncertainties inherent in managing and storing customer data. Multitudes of high-level and highly publicized breaches have shown the world the dire consequences of data mismanagement. These attacks have affected significant companies in nearly every industry. Businesses that have an understanding of the data they possess and reliable management policies shouldn’t be concerned about tightening regulations. Modernized startups are born in the cloud; acquiescence should be comparatively straightforward when new legislation comes about. These businesses are likely already leveraging a protected content management system and can expeditiously adopt one if not.Top GDPR Solution Companies in Europe

If organization data is spread across multiple storage systems software and cloud-based systems, compliance might demonstrate more challenging. With additional data, storage locations become a significant need for oversight to assure data security. Businesses need to have a firm on where data is being housed and which employees are responsible for it. Data assets might include email marketing tools, customer relationship management software, company servers, point-of-sale purchase information, and other platforms.

Minimizing the data to be stored also reduces vulnerabilities largely. Deleting old data gives employees a better understanding of what information they need the most and for regular use. Technology growth is transforming the world, and regulations are attempting to keep up. As the power of technology advances, regulators will have to hold that power as harnessed and safe as feasible.

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