How Google Analytics Helps Companies with Lead Generation

CIO Review Europe | Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Google Analytics is a robust tool that can assist users in expanding their business and making sound business decisions.

FREMONT, CA: Google Analytics enables users to monitor and understand their customers' behaviour, the products and services they seek, and whether their business meets their needs. It’s a technology that lets users dissect and study their online business to serve their customers better.

Below are how Google Analytics can boost a business's performance and generate more sales or leads.

A comprehensive analysis of the performance

Google Analytics enables users to track and analyse the performance of their digital marketing efforts across various channels, including paid, social, direct, organic, and referral traffic. This is highly convenient because it provides a holistic view of their website's performance across all channels. For instance, if users solely rely on Google Ads reports, they will only get a partial picture. With Google Analytics installed, users will have a complete picture.

Conducting experiments and monitoring correlations within a digital ecosystem

Often, there is a correlation between the various activities carried out within businesses’ digital marketing strategy framework. For instance, if sellers send marketing emails, they may notice an increase in people searching for their services. Similarly, they might want to monitor their organic keywords when they stop advertising with them on Google. These insights will assist them in determining where to direct their resources. As a result, this will help them generate additional leads and optimize the efficiency of their marketing efforts.

Executing a seasonal analysis

Seasonality is critical for many businesses, and maximising sales during a peak season can make or break a business's year. For instance, if sellers sell electronics, Christmas may be their busiest season. Spring may be the best time to concentrate their marketing efforts if they sell plants or garden accessories.  Sellers use Google Analytics to determine which products performed well last year and which ones they should promote. It's a good idea to check previous year's sales two months in advance to ensure that they have enough time to prepare.

Acquiring new customers

Google Analytics enables sellers to identify new customers who visit their website. This information will be highly beneficial in their marketing efforts. If their marketing objective is to acquire new customers, they can create an audience targeted exclusively at new customers, import it to Google Ads, and target only new customers. They can also use Analytics data to determine the source of new customers and use this as an additional KPI to evaluate their marketing efforts.

Recognising the customer journey

With proper use of Google Analytics, sellers can gain a better understanding of their customers' journeys. It will assist them in optimising their marketing efforts and developing the most effective strategy for guiding their customers toward purchases.

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