Pandemic and Post-Pandemic: How is Cisco Transforming Workplaces?

CIO Review Europe | Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Cisco has been committed to assisting people and communities worldwide in driving an inclusive recovery since the beginning of the pandemic and throughout the recovery process. Cisco today announced the availability of purpose-built technology and solutions to help companies reimagine how they work and keep employees safe - as part of the ongoing effort.

Whether an organization’s objective is to bring people back into the office or to develop support for a remote or hybrid workforce, Cisco’s breakthroughs and the expanse of Cisco’s networking, security, cloud, and collaboration portfolio support multiple options to create a Trusted Workplace that helps enable a Safe-Return-to-Office. It also helps create a Secure Remote Workforce: from automating, securing, and scaling network connectivity, to social density and proximity insights for workplace safety and health. Further it safely brings people together to work however and anywhere they want through Webex and collaboration tools that utilize AI, sensors and alerts.

A Safe Return to Office and Trusted Workplace

Cisco Webex:Cisco Webex collaboration devices offer a safe return to the office with features like wayfinding, touchless calls and meeting joins, room capacity alerts, digital signage, environmental sensors, and more.

Cisco Meraki:Cisco Meraki’s entire cloud-based platform includes MV smart cameras for reliable security surveillance of people, workspaces, critical infrastructure, and sensitive goods. Building managers can observe real-time footfall and presence, as well as actionable information, using Meraki MV and Cisco DNA Spaces for safer, more productive spaces. The new Meraki MT sensors provide real-time environmental monitoring, including temperature, humidity, and leaks, as well as opened and closed doors and cabinets.

Secure Remote Workforce Solutions

Cisco Managed Remote Access:Cisco Customer Experience (CX) offers Cisco Managed Remote Access, which gives businesses the knowledge they need to protect long-term remote or hybrid workforces. Businesses may use Cisco Managed Remote Access to construct and scale VPNs throughout their whole ecosystem and benefit from Cisco-managed management and oversight services.

Seamless Collaboration for Secure Remote Work:Seamless Collaboration for Secure Remote Work solutions provide seamless calling, meeting, and messaging to a hybrid workforce and flex worker. Organizations can enable their teams to securely connect, brainstorm, and iterate while maintaining their favorite apps. Customized layouts, sophisticated calling features, Webex Assistant intelligence for real-time translation, automated note-taking, action items, and more are among the latest Webex enhancements.

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