Telehealth is The New Normal

CIO Review Europe | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Digital healthcare is shaping the industry in 2022 and can be used to increase access to mental health services

FREMONT CA: In 2022, digital healthcare will shape the sector and define how technology can improve access to mental health services.Businesses all across the globe are adapting operationally by implementing new tools, systems, and services to meet variable demand, supply, and capacity. The speed of innovation has never been faster, from last-mile delivery to virtual reality e-commerce to the metaverse. Healthcare is finally catching up, and therefore, demand for better technology is being driven by the desire to find better methods to communicate with patients and peers, decrease administration and pressure on overburdened systems, and manage spiraling costs.

Telehealth is evolving to a new frontier: a health tech ecosystem connecting patients, doctors, and systems to drive access, quality, and convenience to use, is expected to grow by 20 percent between 2022 and 2030. According to a recent survey, 96 percent of doctors use telemedicine to deliver medical treatment, with 91 percent planning to do so after the pandemic. And this is having a global impact: governments and authorities worldwide are realizing the value of digital, diagnostics, and health data. From improved funding cycles to increased system resilience to speedier individual diagnosis and treatment, tailored and preventative medicine promotes quality health outcomes.

The future of healthcare is exciting. However, considering that nearly 1 billion individuals are already diagnosed with a mental health issue, amidst the worldwide crisis, it has become the urgent need to find new ways of working, treating, and diagnosing patients, and digital is part of the solution.

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The Internet Cognitive Based Therapy (ICBT) program is an evidence-based mobile-first treatment for Stress, Depression, and Anxiety. For decades, cognitive behavioral therapy has been a popular and effective treatment; offering it digitally is an excellent example of how data and technology can be used to provide primary intervention and scale diagnosis and treatment.

The mobile-ready ICBT program is designed to blend easily into patients' daily lives through smartphones. Patients have control over when and how they receive this kind of healthcare, with modular self-learning tools, counseling, and regular check-ins through video and live chat, which offers a combination of self-learning and professional therapy.

The role of digital in healthcare is to provide the greatest tools for healthcare professionals to reach more patients and provide value to overload systems across Europe. To promote mental health and use population health data to expand future services across the ecosystem, collaboration and innovation between health tech businesses and the public sector are important. Digital healthcare can offer exciting new opportunities with improved reimbursement, equitable access, and opportunities to better connect patients, healthcare professionals, and services - provided we can work together to find smarter ways of handling interoperable systems and enabling individuals to take an active role in their treatment.

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