What are the Pros of Using AEM in Businesses

CIO Review Europe | Monday, March 29, 2021

The enterprise businesses use Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) as it is a better source of highly personalized customer experience. 

FREMONT, CA: Customer interactions are critical at every stage of the customer-company relationship, as they improve loyalty and brand identity satisfaction. Businesses are still trying to keep pace with the new marketing innovations to help accomplish their objectives and boost sales.

To accomplish a beer omni-channel personalized experiences, it is necessary to have efficient and dependable digital technologies and solutions. Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) is an excellent source of highly customized customer experience, as it allows to create a full vision through the omnichannel approach to every marketing activity. As part of AEC, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) acts as a critical content management system (CMS) to construct a customized website experience through various channels. Here are some of the advantages of AEM and its value to marketing teams in enterprises.

Advantages of AEM

AEM streamlines the website content management and distribution through modules for website design, forms, mobile apps, community, and properties. Together these modules make AEM a spectacular tool for CMS. The site module enables the organization to create and operate sites from one location. Forms allow to develop the customized automated user interface. The mobile application module offers tools for building mobile applications and follow performance analytics. The group serves as a resource for developers and businesses to create customized workflows with customer interaction and assets.

AEM benefits for enterprises:

Easier integration with other marketing tools

Commonly, companies use many marketing tools and innovations that need to be incorporated seamlessly with each other. AEM is a segment of the Adobe Experience Cloud and is easy to integrate with other Adobe products and solutions (Analytics, Aim, etc.). It is much simpler to combine the marketing solution with other disparate solutions through the cloud. In addition, AEM Connectors can also help them interact with third-party resources.

Automation of metadata and content tag designation

A significant amount of content must be released by large companies. To boost SEO, the content also needs to be used with metadata and tags. It may be difficult and time-consuming to process metadata and tags for such a vast volume of information, but AEM automatically identifies content and designates suitable metadata and tags, saving a considerable amount of time and effort.

Ready-made components

Pre-installed building blocks utilized for website content visualization (layouts, creation of forms, workflows, etc.) enable the developers to deliver code faster, helping businesses save development expenses.

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