4 AI Applications Surprising the World!

CIOReview | Friday, June 21, 2019

The technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been able to permeate almost every sector. Companies are incorporating AI-based solutions at every level of the workflow. The general application of artificial intelligence for the fields like marketing, customer services, claims management, security strengthening, are certainly not unknown but, a few innovations are undoubtedly unimaginable.

•Artificial Intelligence is Creating Music!

Doesn't it sound good? Artificial Intelligence has always been associated with increasing efficiencies, but it has proved to be equally good with creative artistic endeavors. Recently, a few international artists collaborated to make the first song with artificial intelligence. The theme of the song was heartbreak and AI-driven systems scouted for material by going through a vast range of relevant sources. Later, AI also suggested tunes which assisted the composers. The song went on to become a big hit.

•AI-based Chef

Believe it or not, AI is doing the job of a chef, or more precisely, a cooking assistant. Algorithms that can suggest recipes based on the ingredient available are now a reality. The application throws up several suggestions based on the ingredient information entered. One can pick any dish from the list, after which AI gives the cooking instructions.

•Self-driving cars

With AI, everything from science fiction movies can become a reality. Driver-less cars are not mere concepts anymore. Prototypes have been made, and experiments are at advanced stages now. The mainstay of the self-driving car technology is AI-based automation. Automobile developers have successfully used AI to integrate and automate driving tools to create a safe invention.

•AI Prevents Suicides

The suicide rates have been rising due to a range of reasons. AI on social media platforms is helping detect signs of distress among its users with the help of data analysis tools. By identifying the online behavior pattern, AI has successfully predicted suicide tendencies among individuals. This is a potent tool to prevent suicides.

Application of AI goes beyond imagination, and these examples prove the same. From developing innovative scientific applications to serving humanitarian causes, AI does it all.
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