4 Reasons Why Firms Must have a Data Integration Plan

Paul Jhon, CIOReview Europe | Monday, May 24, 2021

Data integration helps businesses work better with each other and do more for customers.

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises generate massive data in their day to day operations. Some of it is generated by the sales, marketing, and customer service departments of the business. Each source contributes to a vast data pool that can be analyzed to reveal strategically key information. But how business intelligence analyses can be effectively performed on data comes from several sources and locations, each with its unique formatting standards. Solving this problem is what data integration is all about. Here are some of the key benefits of data integration.

Keeping Up with Data Revolution

Without a doubt, leading competitors on the market are likely data-driven to introducing innovation in their organizations. Industries could all be transformed and improved based on solutions that involve processing data. Firms do all they can to extract valuable insights that add to production, logistics, customer experience, brand reputation, and marketing.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies can make sense of all of that, with abilities far beyond human potentials. All that wants to be done is unify data from all sources, and the algorithms will work their magic.

Eliminating Security Issues

Having access to all types of regularly updated and synchronized data makes it seamless to provide a higher level of security and prevent security issues.  Firms can implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze any suspicious activity and have the opportunity to deal with it. Organizations can even set automated algorithms to do it for them.

Enhancing Data Clarity

Browsing various interfaces from different types of software is not easy or effective for enterprises. With a data integration plan, firms can streamline all of this and manage complexity while achieving maximum outcomes and the best data delivery. The solution may need an accessible data hub that is seamless to connect with.

Fuelling Smarter Business Decisions

Organized repositories with several integrated datasets will enable firms to obtain an impressive transparency and understanding throughout the organization. Never before accessible nuances and facts about data will now be in organizations’ hands, helping them make the right moves just in time.

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