5 Ways AI Can Improve Leadership Development

CIOReview | Thursday, December 19, 2019


FREMONT, CA: Conventionally, leadership has been about influence, impact, and inspiration. Organizations are constantly introducing various training and programs to keep the leaders in touch with the ever-changing market. The dynamic nature of the market requires the leaders to be flexible while also ensuring that the various business requirements are met. Thus, decision-making is another key aspect that accounts for a fair share of a leader’s time and energy. However, given the nature and amount of information that they are dealing with, even the experienced players who have a track record of sound judgment are sometimes perplexed by a complex situation. Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to assist the leaders and make radical transformations across industries and businesses. Even though any choice or decision made by a business leader is based on experience, expertise, and the right call in that situation, there are various ways in which AI is transforming leadership development:

Leveraging Predictive Analytics

As businesses are using predictive analysis, data mining is becoming a popular approach. Predictive analysis allows a company to anticipate future trends and events based on historical data sets.

Moreover, AI is powered by machine learning (ML), where each platform, application, or software gathers insights from incoming data, adjusts to emerging trends, and slowly begins to respond to emerging trends. It helps leaders across various areas such as:

• The ability to assess ROI and cost-effective potential.
• The chances to optimize the buyer’s experience via sustained consumer behavior analysisTop Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies

• Space to precisely evaluate the success ratio of set goals

Minimizing Decision Fatigue

As per the psychological studies, when business leaders make several decisions across the day, there is a dip in energy which enhances the chances for making wrong choices. However, an algorithm is not affected by any such human predicament. Thus executives can streamline their decision-making process via ML and AI.


Senior leadership must have an eye at the bigger picture, even when they are continually taking a call on various issues, which might be different from one another. It often results in value creation in an area where others are neglected. Instead, a machine can absorb massive amounts of data and is guided by algorithms that depict the probability of a particular choice, thereby recommending the most logical solution.

Moreover, AI will also relieve much of a senior manager’s task for more important initiatives. It’s a known fact that redundancy decreases human interest and thereby his productivity. With AI, routine functions can be automated, thereby leaving the humans to be a part of more creative and action-oriented tasks. Elimination of mundane activity will also drive better job satisfaction and result in enhanced productivity. Thus the ability of AI to automate workflows will ease pressure on the decision-makers and the business leaders.

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Impacting Decisions

It is a fact that logical, human, prudent, and pragmatics thinking cannot be replaced. However, the decisions of the leaders and policymakers can be refined via AI, which equips them with possible outcomes, hard evidence, and predictions. The insights will help the executives to make well-thought-out, informed, and data-driven decisions.

Hiring the Right Fit

The hiring of recruitment managers and leaders has to go through unprecedented resumes, selecting best-fit candidates. Automation and AI can be of tremendous support due to their ability to automate iterative tasks, analyzing applicant sentiment, sifting through hundreds of CVs, and extracting information on who fits in as per the organizational culture.

It is an exciting time for the companies to invest in technologies such as automation and AI. Especially for business leaders, AI can come out as a resilient support system and assist them in making the right choices, guiding a company forward in-line with the grand business goals.

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