A global IoT push from DT and T-Mobile with T-IoT

CIO Review Europe | Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Deutsche Telekom is to launch a global enterprise Internet of Things service called T-IoT during MWC22 in Barcelona. DT aims to simplify the process of enabling and managing international IoT deployments

FREMONT, CA: Deutsche Telekom has introduced T-IoT, a worldwide IoT solution designed in collaboration with its US subsidiary T-Mobile US that intends to meet the demands of businesses and will debut at the upcoming MWC22 event in Barcelona.

The T-IoT system is expected to provide global network connectivity that spans all technologies and supports practically every IoT scenario, including NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE, and 5G. Other benefits of T-IoT include its proposed simplicity, as it only requires one service-level agreement and pricing scheme, making it easier for clients to administer through a single management system.

According to the company, the device eliminates the requirement for enterprises to interact with several network operators under separate contracts, as well as use multiple invoicing and support systems to build transnational IoT connections. T-IoT will be available in 188 countries and on 383 networks around the world.

The rules of the wireless are being rewritten and the company is writing the rules of the 5G era in favour of its customers and businesses despite America being the 5G leader with the fastest, largest and most reliable network.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the companies that has chosen DT's IoT solution, and its Chairman of the Board of Management, Ola Källenius, has stated that real-time, high-bandwidth data transmission is critical to digital innovation. Deutsche Telekom also announced during the event that their sovereign cloud service, which was developed in collaboration with Google Cloud, would  be accessible for business clients in Germany starting in March.

Deutsche Telekom's increased focus on IoT is unsurprising, given that the company has previously established a dedicated IoT-focused business unit and, like other telcos, is attempting to leverage its 5G assets to generate additional income from enterprise customers: According to Juniper Research's latest research, the cellular IoT industry is estimated to reach USD61 billion by 2026, about double the projected value for 2022.

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