Adobe Document Cloud; the Panacea for Issues of Document Disconnect

CIOReview | Thursday, March 19, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Adobe brings to customers, Adobe Document Cloud an advanced approach to effectively manage significant documents at home, in office and on multiple devices. The logic behind the solution is to control the inefficiencies and wastage associated with document processes.

Adobe Document Cloud incorporates a collection of integrated services that deploys a constant online profile and personal document hub. Users can create, review, approve, sign and track documents on both mobile and desktops. The solution is available via subscription and for one-time purchase.

“At the center of this is Acrobat DC, a new version of Acrobat for the desktop, web and mobile that will include free e-signing tools based on Adobe EchoSign and quite a bit of smart image-handling and OCR technology,” Frederic Lardinois for reviews the roll out from Adobe.  Bryan Lamkin, Senior Vice President of Technology and Corporate Development at Adobe believes that Adobe Document Cloud is capable of revolutionizing and simplifying the people work with critical documents.

Adobe Document Cloud will include:

A Spruced up Acrobat DC:
It has a new intuitive, touch-enabled interface for completing work from anywhere with easy access to the Tool Center. It uses Photoshop imaging magic to convert any paper document into a digital, editable file that can be sent for signature.

Every subscriber will now have the eSign Services, an integral part of both Document Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows users to electronically send and sign any document from any device.  The Fill & Sign feature makes signing anything fast and easy, including smart autofill across devices.

Debuting Mobile Link and Mobile Apps
Mobile Link facilitates the user to have full time access to files, settings and signatures. The two apps—Adobe Acrobat mobile and Adobe Fill & Sign DC allows people to create, edit, comment and sign documents directly on their mobile devices. The camera in the smart phone or tablet can now be used as portable scanner to convert any paper documents to digital, files that can be edited and sent for signature.

Adobe Send & Track
Users can manage, track and control documents, see where the important documents are palced or stuck in the process. It tells who has opened them and when. There is also a control feature to assist in the protection of sensitive information.

Integrated Solution
Adobe Document Cloud will extend to Adobe Creative Cloud to users for working with PDFs anywhere, and adding e-signing capabilities and the ability to synch with Creative Cloud and access will be provided with a membership to Creative Cloud. It is also integrated with its Experience Manager Forms for delivering seamless experiences to customers across Web and mobile sites.

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