Advantages of Adopting Gamification to eLearning Systems

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, June 03, 2021

The features and elements of eLearning gamification are focused on one objective, and it is to reward a learner for taking time and effort to study.

FREMONT, CA: All eLearning gamification functionalities and elements ultimately serve the same purpose: to reward a learner for devoting time and effort to studying something, whether through an actual reward (points, badges), a sense of accomplishment (levels, progress bars), winning (leaderboards), or socializing unusually and entertainingly.

Gamification is related to people's behavioral patterns and has the potential to influence their decisions. This is why it is by far one of the most effective online education methods and a rapidly expanding trend in eLearning mobile app development.

Here are the ultimate benefits of using the gamification method in online learning applications, which should help users decide whether to use these techniques in the digital system.

Why using gamification in eLearning

The concept of gamification in eLearning can help to explain why it is such a popular strategy for educational courses and programs. In a nutshell, it entails employing game-based mechanisms, techniques, and aesthetics in a non-game environment (in this case, eLearning) to elicit specific behavioral patterns that aid in the learning process.

In other words, incorporating gamification elements into the educational process isn't just for fun. However, well-designed gamified learning is enjoyable. Gamification for eLearning is a type of human-centered design: the programs are designed to specify learners' behavior, motivation, fears, and goals in mind.

Boost motivation with eLearning gamification

A gamified course is more encouraging to most students than a traditional course. Increasing motivation is the most prominent and appealing advantage of using gamification in eLearning. Different techniques cater to the needs of various types of learners, assisting them to begin a program and diligently continue and complete it.

Improve user experience

Another significant advantage of employing game thinking in online education is enhanced user experience. Maximum of the people are accustomed to the game environment, process, and terminology. Based on the elements used, application designers can dramatically reduce the learning curve and make a gamified course as simple to navigate as possible.

Due to the fast feedback connected with gaming, numerous experts in education and application development view gamification as a game-changing eLearning trend.

Increase user engagement and retention

User engagement and retention are two reasons to concentrate on gamification while developing an educational program. It's no secret that many people who sign up for a course drop out quickly.

Utilizing game mechanics to improve the eLearning experience fixes engagement and retention issues while decreasing dropouts.

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