Advantages of Gamification in eLearning

CIO Review Europe | Monday, April 19, 2021

Gamification can have a real and lasting impact on a person's ability to learn and retain information.

FREMONT, CA : In the field of eLearning, gamification has been a guiding force. The word refers to game-like elements that have been incorporated into training or educational institutions. They can be as easy as a point system with a leaderboard or as complicated as badges, activities, prizes, and game rules. To offer learners a better experience, more systems are implementing this strategy or enhancing their technology.

It is difficult to obtain professional training. Recruits are either learning something entirely new or learning a new way to do something they already know. Gamification is a useful method that has contributed to the development of eLearning as people know it today.

Why gamification?

Gamification has many advantages, several of which can have significant and long-term effects on a person's capability to learn and retain knowledge. The first and most noticeable advantage is that it makes training pleasant. Playing immersive games, winning points, and receiving badges sound a lot more fun than watching videos or listening to a lecture. This enthusiasm can lead to encouragement and a willingness to participate.

Hold the learner's attention

In the struggle against failure in the classroom, keeping the learner's focus is crucial. Gamification boosts student participation by incentivizing them to pay attention and complete tasks. Even if it's intangible, the added incentive will inspire better listening and observation.

Incorporates real-life problem solving

Multiple-choice, true-false, and essay questions don't foster the development of problem-solving abilities. At least, not to the extent that it could be needed on the job or in a real-life scenario. Gamification expands the number of ways to place the learner in a visual and mental situation that encourages better problem-solving.

Presents a working environment with no risk

For recruits, certain occupations carry a high risk. Even if the working environment is free of significant hazards, errors can still be made that result in a loss of profit. Employers and educators can use gamification to simulate these scenarios so that trainees can practise without danger.

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