Advantages of Using ServiceNow Virtual Agent

CIO Review Europe | Tuesday, September 07, 2021

ServiceNow Virtual agent has undergone significant enhancements, and businesses must upgrade to the new release to stay updated on the latest version. 

FREMONT, CA: To provide the experience that today's customers demand, businesses require a modern, automated, and intelligent service model. They are afraid of losing clients if their offerings are unsatisfactory and lack purpose and easy access.

Even though the customers expect a better experience, most businesses continue to depend on obsolete methods to assist them. Organizations are employing a rigid, inefficient, and high-cost service approach that causes issues longer to resolve. As a result of these service approaches, customers are dissatisfied, and revenue is lost.

ServiceNow recently unveiled their Virtual Agent, a chatbot solution that takes service management to the next level. Agent intelligence in ServiceNow allows users to access information from the system without waiting for an agent. They give the user self-service capabilities, allowing them to quickly handle their issues and return to work. The virtual agent is available anytime and does more than half of the mundane and repetitive duties, increasing operating efficiency. The support employees can concentrate on tasks that offer value to the company.

How does ServiceNow Virtual Agent work?

Virtual agent, which is included in the ITSM Professional package, gives customized responses when dealing with users. It employs Natural Language Understanding (NLU), making it more effective than any other chatbot is currently available. End users can communicate with the agent in natural language, which the agent recognizes and responds to as if it were a human being. If the user has an IT problem, the agent recognizes the problem equipment and addresses it in seconds without human participation. NLU enhances response times and customer satisfaction. 

Benefits of ServiceNow Virtual Agent

Chatbot solutions that employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to provide a superior customer experience are available on the market. ServiceNow Virtual Agent has certain unique features that customers won't find anyplace else.

Native to the Now Platform: Virtual Agent personalizes the user's conversation with ServiceNow data. It can generate and update records and integrate the user's current workflows. The agent reduces the time and money spent on complicated integrations that need coding or rely on a third party.

Security: Data is always taken and used within the ServiceNow cloud environment, so the business security team never has to worry about trust issues. On this data, the NLU model can be trained, and the outcomes are customized according to the needs of the business.

Value Add: There is no need to design process flows or code to handle diverse topics because ServiceNow Virtual Agent interactions are pre-built. Most typical IT, HR Service Delivery, and Customer Service conversations can be deflected to the agent through the system.

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