All You Need to Know About Cisco Networking

CIO Review Europe | Sunday, January 03, 2021

Cisco Networking allows rapid adaptation to change, simplifies and scales operations, and protects against service degradation and threats.

FREMONT, CA: Today, rapid transformation is expected. Organisations are embracing digital approaches and changing their business models at a greater rate than ever before. A secure, flexible network is essential to provide business agility and resilience, reducing risk while increasing agility. IT teams are finding it increasingly challenging to stay up with the rapid improvements in the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

To assist, Cisco® Networking is created. It utilises an intent-based networking approach to make it easier to connect and secure your users, devices, apps, and workloads wherever they are on the network. Intelligent automation and insights powered by AI are built into Cisco Networking products to learn continually and adapt to the organisation's changing demands.

The Cisco Networking portfolio covers a wide range of networking requirements because of its depth and breadth. Organisations of all sizes and industries can use it to cover access, WAN, data centres, and cloud environments.

It also offers cloud-based and on-premises administration options for your workforce. Subscription choices that adapt to changing technologies and requirements simplify and speed up your network’s growth.


Aid future work by providing secure access wherever work is done.

Increase user satisfaction by ensuring optimal application performance in both private and public network environments.

Add safe connectivity between and among distributed workloads when you go multicloud.

Boost network operations with centralised automation and insights provided by intent-based systems.

Protect users and applications with zero-trust access to improve security and compliance.

What it accomplishes

By utilising Cisco Networking, you’ll be able to keep up with the rapid pace of change, reduce operational complexity, and guard against service degradation and security concerns. Security and analytics powered by artificial intelligence are all part of the package, and it also relies on an open platform approach based on controllers in the back.

The value of a network skyrockets thanks to open platform extensibility. Deploying new and innovative apps, endpoints, and processes, and solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s needs are all possible.

Products and solutions

Cisco Networking is in a unique position to help your organisation bring it all together. Everything from the user to the application and back again. It includes a comprehensive set of networking platforms and devices that benefit from every field’s most recent capabilities and advances.

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