Audiovisual Technology Trends to Look Out for

CIOReview | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Audiovisual technology is continuously evolving, and savvy businesses know how crucial it is to keep up.

Fremont, CA: Several innovations will soon be making a significant impact on the world of audiovisual (AV) technology. Understanding today's AV technology trends and preparing to learn what's around the corner can help you create spaces that empower your people—both locally and worldwide. By quickly becoming the largest segment of the workforce, millennials drive the need for seamless technology. Here are the top trends that are identified for business AV technology in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence Grows in Capability

Artificial Intelligence(AI)-powered applications are growing more powerful by the week, and AV technology is no exception. In the business AV space, smart conference room technology will continue to be more intelligent, capable, and intuitive. Existing smart control systems may drop in price as new players or new versions hit the market.

5G and WiFi

5G and WiFi go hand in hand, as both are set to impact the world with super-fast data speeds. Worldwide implementation of 5G and WiFi over the next year will see faster broadband speeds and more reliable network coverage.

This will be an important trend for the AV industry as systems like video conferencing, and collaborative presentations will see a drastic increase in speed using this technology, transforming office meeting rooms and opening up the capability for more prominent, real-time interaction and collaboration during seminars or university lectures.

LED and OLED Displays

Still a crucial part of the AV market, digital displays will continue to see popularity and growth in 2020 thanks to new advancements in LED and OLED technologies.

Displays are becoming more transparent, brighter, and more energy-efficient than ever while offering higher resolutions and sharper images. LED screen technology has also seen continued advancements in flexible materials this past year, meaning that future displays can be designed to fit almost any shape and contour.

This can allow for the creation of some truly unique displays that can be used to grab customers' attention with ultra-high-resolution video. If there is only one major trend in 2020, expect it to be more and more businesses upgrading their LED screens to allow for higher impact branding and unique AV experiences.

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