Automation in Small Businesses

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, June 23, 2022

How automation can improve the productivity of small businesses and make time and cost-efficient.

FREMONT, CA: Every aspect of a business can be streamlined using automation – this would eliminate the manual work done by employees. The simplest example of automation is the regular inbox. Automation is not just for big corporations anymore, small businesses can benefit from this today. Tasks like customer service, capturing leads, checking off the to-do list, or closing sales can be simplified with this technology. Businesses can save time and labour charges by automating repetitive operations and use this time and money effectively in growing their business.

There are seven areas in a business where automation can be incorporated to increase productivity.


Automation makes it easy to capture and retain a potential customer. Automating responses to the contact us section on a website would make the lead feel that they are being heard. Some lead directly contact through phone skipping the contact us section. Sometimes the follow-up gets lost in the process. Hence having an automated form internally would help notify the sales representatives about these leads. Followup calls and reminders can be automated if the lead call gets directed to the voicemail. Automation can also be done for transferring lead information to the CRM tool.


Automation software can act as a leader for the sales team, reminding the important tasks at hand, keeping track of the leads that are hesitant to buy the product or service and giving them timely updates.


Ecommerce makes customers buy products time and again as it is an easy means of purchase. Automating future sales reminders for repetitive services makes businesses proactive and saves customers from wasting time reordering rather than replenishing it.

Customer Engagement

Automated immediate responses for customer queries and feedback, and birthday wishes make customers feel well treated. If a customer or lead has an appointment with the company, sending an automated email to remind them would be helpful. Automated survey links to every customer would give an idea about how the business should in terms of customer satisfaction.


Hosting events help the company engage with customers in a more personal way. But planning and organising them would take the hard effort and time of the team. Automating the registration process, confirmation from the customer and promotion would help the team in the long hassle.


Office management work such as job application process and paperwork can be automated when the team has to focus on various other work. Even though automation cannot replace all manual work it can help with repetitive tasks.

Automation is not limited to these areas alone. With the future advancement in technology, they can be applied on a broader scale.

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