Benefits of Automation in Field Service

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, April 08, 2021

Companies can automate field service processes to improve operational efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: Every business owner knows that increasing customer loyalty and retention needs much more than a great product. Customers are interested in quality products, but it's the after-sale facilities that keep them coming back for more. Several industry studies have shown that after-sale services improve competitive advantage and help generate profit.

The good news is that technological advancements are reshaping field service operations, resulting in increased mobility and productivity. It means that the field service industry is evolving, and the company should work as well.

The future of Field service is paperless

Managing field staff in various locations can be a challenging task for any company owner or decision-maker. It is particularly valid now as COVID-19 has altered the market landscape dramatically. It's vital to help the remote team's during challenging times by providing them with the resources they need to remain connected and efficient.

The field service industry, like many other sectors, is benefiting from IT introduction. Native smartphone apps and custom software implementations are examples of this. Smartphones, tablets, and smart wearables are some of the gadgets that will influence the future field service industry.

Field service processes and workflows that can be automated

Assigning of work

For successful field operations, assigning jobs to field staff with the right skillset at the right time and place is critical. Smart technologies like workforce automation software allow dynamic crew management, guaranteeing that priority work is allocated quickly and efficiently.

Field data capture

Some businesses need barcodes and images on their order sheets, while others require statistics, checklists, and signatures. It's a lot of repetitive data entry for the field worker if they have five to ten work order forms to fill out every day. Field staff may use mobile forms to collect on-field data, take photos, capture signatures, scan QR codes, and many more.

Customer notification

Due to heavy traffic, inaccurate directions, and other problems, field employees are often late for their appointments. There's no reason why they shouldn't alert customers when delays happen. The good news is that field service management software can identify such delays and send alerts to customers telling them that the fieldworker will be late.

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