Biotechnology is Revolutionizing the Water Industry

CIOReview | Friday, May 18, 2018

The use of biotechnology dates back to thousands of years, however in the last fifty years, it has gained immense traction in industrial purposes. Currently, the range of biotechnology application is huge and is utilized in the production of a wide range of products such as laundry detergents, animal feed, biofuels, and more. However, extracting valuable nutrients from polluted and recycling for variegated purposes is the new trend that is gathering pace in the biotechnology world. Admittedly, biotechnology has transformed many industries, but its application in the water industry is poised for the next paradigm shift in the landscape. For instance, capturing phosphorous from the wastewater and using it for the production of fertilizer is a prime example of such developments.

Metagenomics is another field in the wider scopes of biotechnology that can enhance the understanding of microbial community and add immense value to the water industry. It can assist individuals engaged in the water treatment process to discern the types of microorganisms and its proportion. It also allows these individuals to optimize the gleaned information to target a specific compound such as phosphorous. Besides, use of robotics to identify the different variants of microbe or enzyme to target a specific compound is going to be a game changer as it augments the efficiency of the entire process.

Although the penetration of biotechnology in the marketplace is still fairly low, however, its application in the field of pharmaceutical, agriculture, and bioenergy has transformative. Biotechnology is still in its nascent stage and it demands more and more individuals to carry out research in this spectrum.

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