Brands Benefit from Adobe's Real-Time CDP Innovations

CIO Review Europe | Friday, July 15, 2022

Enriched customer profiles with commerce, AI-powered targeting, new privacy and security tools and Segment Match accelerate first-party data strategy. Adobe delivers real-time data with more than 24 trillion audience segment evaluations and over one petabyte of data processed on average per day.

FREMONT, CA: Adobe announced enhancements to Adobe Real-Time CDP, its customer data platform (CDP), to assist brands in transitioning from third-party cookies to first-party data. Adobe is introducing enriched customer profiles with commerce, AI-powered targeting, new privacy and security tools, and Segment Match across channels as businesses across all industries adopt Adobe Real-Time CDP. Adobe Real-Time CDP, a component of Adobe Experience Cloud, now provides real-time data with over 24 trillion audience segment evaluations and over one petabyte of data processed per day on average, assisting global brands in providing personalised experiences to millions of customers in real-time. Change Healthcare, EY, General Motors, Henkel, Major League Baseball, Telefónica, The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, T. Rowe Price, and TSB Bank are among the company's customers. Businesses that invest in putting their first-party data to use will deliver personalised experiences and outperform the competition. With changing consumer expectations in the digital economy, the time has come to abandon third-party cookies, and brands must adopt a first-party data strategy to remain relevant.

Adobe Real-Time CDP enables brands to collect first-party data and use consent-based practices to create rich and actionable customer profiles, segment audiences, and provide personalised customer experiences. Among the innovations are:

1. Enrich customer profiles with Adobe Commerce: Retail brands using Adobe Commerce can now connect first-party commerce data to Adobe Real-Time CDP and other Adobe Experience Cloud applications, which is now available in beta. This enables brands to build rich customer profiles and deliver more personalised shopping journeys by leveraging insights from shopping and browsing behaviour.

2. AI for advanced targeting and more efficient pipeline building: Predictive lead and account scoring for Adobe Real-Time CDP B2B (Business-to-Business) Edition and Real-Time CDP B2P (Business-to-Person) Edition is now available, allowing brands to build a more efficient pipeline by identifying people and accounts that are likely to become sales opportunities using Adobe Sensei-powered intelligence.

3. Built-in privacy and security tools and healthcare shield: Adobe Real-Time CDP is HIPAA compliant thanks to Healthcare Shield, a new Adobe Experience Platform offering that enables HIPAA-compliant healthcare brands to securely leverage certain types of sensitive personal data to deliver personalised experiences throughout the healthcare customer journey. Adobe Real-Time CDP also includes new privacy and security enhancements for managing customer data. These enhancements include encryption control, tools to automatically honour policies based on consumer consent or preferences, and attribute-based access controls - all of which are critical for organisations operating in highly regulated industries and those wishing to ensure that data sets are used as intended.

4. Segment match in Adobe real-time: Segment Match allows brands to manage and activate audience data across multiple channels, as well as use Adobe's governance and consent tools to manage and enforce how and why audience data is collected.

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