Building vs. Buying Gamification Software

CIO Review Europe | Friday, June 10, 2022

Whether or not businesses should design or acquire gamification software would be determined primarily by the challenges they face.

FREMONT, CA: The decision to build or buy gamification software is debatable and often neglected. Overall, there are various advantages and disadvantages to consider when selecting what is best for your company. Some of them, however, go beyond mere cost-effectiveness. While deciding, companies must ensure that they consider people on the front lines that might get affected by the decision in the long run. Developing gamification software might appear to be a favourable option. Businesses must have complete control over the output and functionality. The internal team is responsible for keeping it in excellent condition. Additionally, companies can tailor improvements to the company's needs. If the code is owned internally, organizations might be able to refine it to create a competitive advantage. Companies can thus profit from the program if it has a market value.

On-premise deployments are advantageous if a direct build isn't possible. It's a bit of a midway ground in the build vs. buy discussion. Overall, it allows businesses to easily manage and maintain code (similar to a SaaS model), but with on-site hosting. In general, it is more secure and resilient, making it ideal for companies that face regulatory issues. It can also be deployed at a lesser cost for large organisations than a per-licence price. Finally, businesses are expanding their investments to enable large swaths of SaaS apps. This allows them to run programmes (including gamification) on their IT infrastructure while the provider maintains it. In an essence, cloud deployments reduce expenses. This eliminates the need for an excessive number of IT employees. Therefore, sending pre-created updates is simple and quick. As a result, many people see the cloud as a clear winner in the build vs. buy debate. When it comes to cost and time savings, there is simply no comparison to what can be purchased.

Benefits of Purchasing Gamification Software:

• Access to ready-to-use solutions that can be implemented rapidly.

• More adaptability and flexibility are built-in.

• There will be fewer errors and issues with the launch.

• Internal teams will no longer be required to train or assist current or prospective members.

The following factors would help every business in deciding whether or not to buy gamification software or build on one’s own.

1. Resources:-The process of customizing gamification software requires a lot of resources. Do the companies have enough time, people and tech resources, the consequences of diverting these resources are all issues open to question when it comes to allocating resources to develop gamification software. As a result, companies must develop a gamification platform that provides real-time insights to customers, staff, and management.

2. Project scope:- Before looking into the project scope of gamification software, businesses must identify the problem to solve and the level of difficulty to solve it. Under such circumstances, there is commercial software available that can swiftly resolve those concerns. In that instance, deciding whether to build or buy is a no-brainer. However, it's critical to understand the difficulties of working across several locations and adhering to different regulatory rules. GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy legislation alter company obligations. In many circumstances, a self-built gamification platform simply cannot bear the whole responsibility of satisfying these standards. Instead, see whether a commercial solution can be customised to match business requirements.

3. Opportunity Cost:- As far as costs and profits are concerned, companies must verify if the highly specialised teams are better suited to generating profits and lowering internal expenses. In that case, repurposing them for gamification software might not prove to be a good idea. Gamification technologies off-the-shelf will inevitably allow 'second brain support' from the outset.

There are several aspects to consider when determining whether to build or buy. Since everyone has a different case, businesses will have to cater accordingly. Choose 'create' if the benefits of creating a gamification software application exceed the disadvantages.

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