Cisco's Multigigabit Technology Boosting Network Speeds

CIOReview | Thursday, June 07, 2018

In this era of globalization, digital disruption has created the need for faster speeds and more connectivity options in an enterprise. Recent trends like Bring Your Own Device and next-generation open workspaces continue to exponentially increase bandwidth requirements creating tremendous pressure on the access network. With the new wireless applications and the enormous growth of 802.11ac, wireless devices are steering the demand for more network bandwidth. It creates a need for a technology that supports speeds higher than 1 Gbps on all cabling infrastructure.

Cisco, the market leader in networking technology, has brought in the market a solution to the challenges of network speed and migration to 802.11ac Wave 2. Cisco’s Catalyst Multigigabit Technology allows the user to achieve bandwidth between speeds of 1-10 Gbps. The Technology capitalizes on NBASE—an Ethernet signaling that boosts the speed of installed based twisted-pair cabling up to 100 meters.

Cisco has developed Multigigabit switches that can provide the necessary wired speeds and power requirements for 802.11ac Wave 2 APs. The technology offers various benefits for a wide range of cable types, speeds, and Power Over Ethernet (POE). It supports auto-negotiation of multiple speeds on switch ports and has significant advantages such as flexible network power, Investment protection, network-wide performance improvement, and tremendous cost saving for migration. The technology is compatible with existing Cisco switching technology. Cisco's portfolio of enterprise-class switching platforms with NBASE-T powered Multigigabit Ethernet technology is set to help organizations avoid both costly network equipment and cabling upgrades.

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