Customer-Centricity: The New Norm in Proptech!

CIOReview | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Real estate agents are continually embracing customer-centric approaches at an unprecedented rate to satisfy the requirements of contemporary buyers and sellers, digital brokerage, and more.  

FERMONT, CA: The digital revolution is inevitable across all property industries as the broader real estate environment wakes up with the significance of customer-centric focus. As innovation proliferates, modern tenants choose from a full spectrum of convincing solutions to space. Landlords realize that building continuing relationships is essential and technology- the brain behind an innovative leasing and asset management platform that puts tenant data at the push of a button, to prevent losing them and their income.

Flexible office space has found a customer-centric approach. Modern co-working space suppliers are marching toward what is widely known as space-as-a-service. This phenomenon is thought to be at the canter of how the company moves forward in the real estate sector. Traditional office and residential markets are also looking for fresh ways of serving tenants. The recent proptech movement is about matching customer expectations in the aftermath of the green construction revolution.

One of the evolving trends is the rise of 'experience applications' that seek to assist space suppliers better participate with their clients for day-to-day commerce, marketing, and local offerings and events promotion. As acceptance rises, the primary challenge for these app suppliers is to maintain the users 'continuing commitment.' With this, they will gain industry-standard grades and an excellent source of landlord information. Being a customer-centric organization is the Holy Grail to unlock the real customer value potential.

As innovation coalesces around customer satisfaction, retention of talent, and eventually, higher revenue, oriented networking has never been more essential. Nowadays, data is the most precious asset. So inevitably, from a professional view, client viewpoint, or both, the model must provide and evaluate information effectively. Data is the only asset leading to evolution that benefits the general supply and demand of immovable property services.

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