Dedicated Resources: Workplace Health Promotion

CIO Review Europe | Sunday, March 07, 2021

Health protection, health promotion, and disease prevention programs are essential in the workplace.

FREMONT CA: How can countries be best supported in addressing key policy questions concerning health and care workers? With nearly a quarter of the WHO European Region's population living in rural or remote areas, how can solid and multidisciplinary teams form to deliver primary health care based on local needs as well as national priorities? Answers to these questions advanced at a WHO Healthy Settings webinar on January 27, 2022, focused on new tools and resources for health workforce planning.

A tool designed to help policymakers and planners gain a better understanding of the health workforce and country-level dynamics. Based on a one-of-a-kind blend of technical expertise, country experience, and existing literature. The guidebook answers questions such as, What are the key elements to assess in a healthy labor market analysis (HLMA)? As well as Whose presence matters in this type of analysis?

A health workforce, labor and macroeconomics, political economy, education, gender equity, and data management HLMA should be interdisciplinary and participatory, gathering input from technical experts in these areas. This method allows for a more comprehensive examination of the health labor market's various components.

The WHO updated guideline on health workforce development, attraction, recruitment, and retention in rural and remote areas for participants. To achieve long-term improvement, this resource suggests using a multi-pronged approach. Consider what attracts health workers to a location and how appealing the location is in comparison to its urban counterparts in terms of regulation, personal and professional support, and so on. The guideline-based on a global evidence review that included 133 studies. It consists of 17 recommendations to assist policymakers in developing, attracting, recruiting and retaining healthcare workers in rural and remote areas. Education, regulation, incentives, and personal and professional support for health and care workers are all included in these recommendations.

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