Defining the Company's Primary Contact Center Technology Needs

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, August 19, 2021

In addition to determining the goal of the contact center, customer experience leaders should assess the various types of contact centers.

FREMONT, CA: For contact center technology, Customer Experience (CX) leaders have a plethora of options. Technology considerations should comprise the core platform, workforce optimization tools, AI-enabled applications, analytics, the voice of the customer survey programs, and more, whether an organization wants to create or reassess its contact center requirements.

To provide excellent customer service, a company's CX executives should perform a thorough review of present and planned customer service activities to make the company's best technological decision. The research should demonstrate how the company defines its core contact center technology needs.

CX leaders should examine the following considerations when selecting new contact center infrastructure or services to discover a service that best matches their organizations' contact center technology requirements.

The Goal of the Contact Center:Interview business unit leaders to learn why the company needs a new contact center or needs to upgrade one that already exists. Is the primary goal to sell more products, handle customer warranty claims, provide loyalty program outreach, or something else? The answer to that question will aid in the selection of applications and services.

Architecture:Do the company's policies dictate whether it employs cloud-based contact center services or on-premises platforms? If this is the case, the organization's options are limited, as some suppliers exclusively provide cloud-based contact center services. In other circumstances, a hybrid design may be sufficient, with on-premises resources used locally and cloud resources used for worldwide expansion. A few providers offer both on-premises and cloud-based contact center services.

Types of Contact Centers: In addition to determining the goal of the contact center, CX leaders should assess the various types of contact centers. Would inbound or outbound call centers benefit the firm the most or a hybrid, omnichannel approach with contact centers? Will the company outsource its call centers?

Interaction Channels:Leaders in customer experience must think about how their company interacts with customers. Voice, email, SMS, mobile application SMS, webchat, video, and various mobile business chat applications are all options. They should compare these channel possibilities to vendor offerings to evaluate which products best meet the contact center's interaction needs.

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