Detailed Report on the Most In-Demand Oil and Gas Jobs and Their Pay Scale.

CIO Review Europe | Sunday, January 03, 2021

More employment opportunities will be generated as the worldwide oil and gas sector requires more than 600 billion dollars investment to keep up with the rising demand for energy, states recruiting experts.

FREMONT, CA: According to recruiting experts, the worldwide oil and gas sector requires more than 600 billion dollars of investment until 2030 to keep up with the rising demand for energy which will in turn raise the demand for more employment. When the demand and supply shocks occurred last year in the aftermath of Covid-19, most oil and gas businesses responded by drastically reducing capital investment spending. KPMG assessment stated that this resulted in budget cuts on anticipated people and talent upgrades. The impact on field people will be different than on employees in corporate offices, regardless of the size of the oil and gas business or whether it is upstream or downstream, the report stated.

Nikhil Nanda, operations manager at Innovations Group, a recruiting and staffing solutions firm conveyed that several projects and investments in the oil and gas business were on hold for the last few years. For both maintenance and new projects, there will be significant investment in the sector in 2022, resulting in a substantial number of job openings. Further, Mr. Nanda added that the most in-demand occupations in the UAE's oil and gas business include field jobs such as engineer, supervisor, and operator, among others and all of these positions are found in a variety of service lines such as well testing, coil tubing, wirelines, and slicklines.

All of the aforementioned responsibilities where the crew has been qualified by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company in that specific designation are also in demand, he stated. Field engineers must have experience in certain service lines, tools, and systems, as well as excellent client and stakeholder management skills and awareness of health, safety, and the environment (HSE), he conveyed. According to Innovations Group, field engineers with two to five years of experience earn a monthly pay of Dh 6,500 to Dh 7,500. Meanwhile, field supervisors must have expertise directing jobs in the field for certain service lines, as well as understanding of reporting and other paperwork-related responsibilities, experience in managing crews and clients, and solid HSE awareness, Mr. Nanda concluded.

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