Digital Parameters for EUs Digital Decade

CIO Review Europe | Friday, March 05, 2021

The European Commission unveiled a vision and road map for Europe's digital transformation by 2030. For the EU's digital decade, the Commission proposes a Digital Compass.

FREMONT CA: One of Cisco's driving motivations is their vision for the Internet of the Future, which aims to reinvent the internet's underlying architecture to bridge the digital divide and help them achieve their goal of positively impacting one billion people by 2025. The Cisco Global Broadband Index has just revealed that this poll took the pulse of employees worldwide, including those in the European Union, and provided them with crucial information about their wants and expectations.

The goal of the European Commission's Digital Decade program is to equip 80 percent of European citizens with essential digital skills by 2030, as well as 20 million ICT specialists, to alleviate the EU's present cybersecurity shortage. Europe's green and digital transition, which is at the heart of the resilience and recovery strategy, will rely on new talent.

Public agencies are growing their online offerings and access as society becomes increasingly digital. The Commission's goal of having 100 percent of vital government services available online is just the beginning. Digitalization can open up new avenues for citizen participation. Governments should incentivize investments that can fix existing market failures to do this. They should eliminate regulatory impediments to broadband development and infrastructure distribution across jurisdictions. They will allow citizens to fully experience seamless connectivity and benefit from essential, democratic internet services by bridging the digital divide.

One of the most critical aspects of the EU's "digital decade" is ensuring that European firms use significant data opportunities to stay ahead of the competition while providing a safe and secure online environment for employees. In essence, this goal will necessitate technical improvements and encourage EU enterprises to expand and scale-up. Both public and private stakeholders should address urban and rural coverage gaps. Everyone needs the opportunity to connect and participate in online communities and economies, according to Cisco. Only through connecting everyone will they realize the full potential of an inclusive future for all.

To summarize, while the EU's connectivity goals are lofty and will necessitate widespread collaboration and buy-in from communities, governments, and industry, Europe now has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make the Digital Decade a local and global success, and Cisco is eager to play a role in enabling a more inclusive future for everybody.

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