Emerging Technological Trends in Sales and Marketing Sector

CIO Review Europe | Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Fremont, CA: By taking the past two decades into account, consumer behaviour has changed dramatically. In other words, old sales approaches and strategies are no longer effective today. But, adopting modern technology, sales tactics could be revamped to produce better outcomes.

With a wide variety of sales technological tools available, businesses can easily implement them into their workflow to improve efficiency and productivity. For instance, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are one of the most prominent technological tools that are being widely used by businesses now. These platforms help in streamlining their operations and offer features like 360-degree customer view, sales pipeline management, data centralization, and activity management. Accessing everything through a single platform will allow businesses to avoid data losses, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Moreover, speech recognition and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual call analytics are being used to process, interpret, and understand the consumer prospects in terms of preferences, expectations, and demands. Using these technologies, consumers’ conversations can be efficiently transcribed that helps sales agents gain valuable insights. To further streamline, AI and machine learning solutions will analyse these data to provide much-advanced insights on customer needs and activities and monitor script adherence, which, in turn, enables them to identify top skills that will lead to efficient conversions.

By utilising these technological advancements, businesses can deliver better outcomes without overcomplicating processes. These modern tools help to effectively collect and analyse data, make appropriate decisions, and automate tasks. This results in sales and marketing teams having more resources to drive more deals.


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