eSIM Adding Value and Delivering Results

Marco Bijvelds, Vice President, Product Management International, Friday, January 22, 2021

Organisations are increasingly seeking a seamless, reliable loT connectivity solution to avoid challenges associated with achieving global coverage, managing continuously evolving cellular technologies, and navigating complex manufacturing and logistical processes – among others. With remote SIM card management capabilities, including secure OTA provisioning, eSIM technologies can deliver

this solution.

GSMA’s standards have helped significantly in the area of inoperability, enabling eSIM-powered devices to work across multiple carriers, however despite the fact that some major cellular carriers are beginning to introduce eSIM solutions, the value is restricted to carrier-specific capabilities as they relate to areas such as coverage and technology compatibility (2G, 3G, LTE, etc.). This is why organisations are increasingly turning to KORE to take advantage of the multi-carrier and multi-profile capabilities our eSIM offerings deliver.

We expect to see fully mature eSIM adoption over the next two to five years, however today organisations are actively seeking these types of IoT connectivity solutions to alleviate challenges associated with carrier roaming restrictions, managing multiple carrier relationships, 2G/3G network shutdowns, and logistical and supply chain inefficiencies.

“Our focus throughout our eSIM journey has been developing a rich ecosystem of carriers, which is critical to leveraging eSIM technology.

But more than switching technology and partnerships, success in eSIM is about realising tangible business benefits. We help our customers understand how to use eSIM to add value and deliver measurable results.” – Marco Bijvelds, Vice President, Product Management International.

Benefits of the KORE eSIM Offering

• Simplify IoT complexity with a trusted advisor and global, independent leader in eSIM capabilities

• Achieve global coverage via a single eSIM and the KORE eSIM profile, with support for additional carrier profiles as needed

• Enhance scalability and growth by introducing new business models and value propositions enabled via natively connected devices

• Eliminate SIM switching costs and improve operational efficiencies with remote eSIM provisioning

• Minimise total cost of ownership and maximise returns on IoT investments through a consolidated operational model

• Future-proof connected devices with a single eSIM that can support multiple carriers and network technologies

Alongside this technology comes the need to ensure that you devices eSIM interoperability is tested before deploying the field. Failure to detect and identify device eSIM functionality issues can seriously jeopardise the success of a project and related business initiatives. The KORE eSIM Validation Tool reduces the complexity

of device validation, enabling users to validate devices in just under 15 minutes, instead of having to ship it and wait a few weeks. Now, it’s simple and quick to validate your device with any KORE eSIM – including the free starter kit.

And no that point, we’re confident customers will quickly understand the value of our global, flexible, and “future-proofed” IoT connectivity solution, which is why we have a complimentary eSIM Starter Kit that delivers technology-agnostic network access worldwide. Sign up today and receive:

• 3 eSIM cards with a global profile covering more than 165 countries

• Network resiliency with access to multiple local networks

• 1GB of monthly data

• 24/7 customer support

• 30-day trial period

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