Four Workplace Collaboration Trends To Look Out For In 2021

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, August 26, 2021

Employees are more engaged, networked, dynamic, and multidisciplinary today than ever. We expect the one-size-fits-all workweek to be replaced with one tailored to the company’s goals and the needs of its people. Companies will place a greater emphasis on providing flexible working environments for their employees and aiming to foster a climate that encourages creativity and collaboration in the workplace. Let us look at four workplace collaboration trends:

Meetings will get more innovative and more mobile

Meetings will become smarter and more productive as technology advances, such as the most intelligent face-detection and voice triangulation cameras, wireless content-sharing, a simple click to join meeting interface, AI, and powerful analytics.

Bridging the urban-rural divide

With the strengthening of our internet infrastructure, India will become more digitally inclusive, and we can expect a surge in demand for previously inaccessible collaboration options such as highdefinition video and digital content sharing.

Hyper-collaborative organization

 Individuals, teams, and organizations should take the next step beyond “collaborative” to “hypercollaborative,” bringing together knowledge, capabilities, and ideas from many ecosystems, locations, and industries. More workplaces will be receptive to embracing ‘anywhere working,’ which allows for this progression in partnerships and teamwork in the future. Providing individuals with the freedom to work the way they wish for, where they want, and in a hyper-collaborative manner will become industry standard.

4K video conferencing for long-distance face time

Although current video conferencing technology has proven to be exceptionally effective in connecting people worldwide for a simple collaboration, the quality and capabilities of many existing solutions still miss the mark of some expectations, particularly for those accustomed to high-speed, high-resolution video in an always-connected age. 4K video conferencing will become more popular in the future.

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