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CIO Review Europe | Thursday, January 07, 2021

“Document control companies have included stronger cybersecurity safeguards into their software to address these consumer concerns.”

Fremont, CA: Document management processes have almost entirely gone digital in the last decade. Companies are beginning to take a deeper look at the best ways to effectively leverage their Document Management Systems (DMS) to boost overall efficiency due to this trend. This attention has resulted in the emergence of numerous significant DMS trends. 

Let us look at some trends that businesses should be aware of in the future.

Emphasis on Sustainability

It's no wonder that sustainability has been a hot topic in numerous industries in recent years. The majority of customers want companies they do business with to practice sustainability. As a result, businesses that wish to remain competitive and relevant must consider eco-friendly methods to appeal to a younger generation of consumers. Owing to this shift toward sustainable business, many firms prioritise converting their operations to a DMS to boost their sustainability.

Maintaining Business Continuity with Remote Work

With COVID-19 still impacting how we work and how organisations run, the way technology is used begun to evolve. In-person communication and paper processes are becoming obsolete. Document management procedures, in turn, continue to adapt to stay up with the present technological milieu. Improving business continuity plans with persistent distant workforces will be a priority for corporate leaders in 2022. This implies a greater focus on workflow capabilities, disaster recovery, incident tracking/reporting, and automation.

Increased Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become more vital, with more individuals working remotely than ever before. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are on the rise, with a 600 per cent surge in cybercrime documented due to the COVID-19 epidemic. This significant increase has prompted business executive to reconsider how they safeguard their company's data. Document control companies have included stronger cybersecurity safeguards into their software to address these consumer concerns.

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