How Automation Helps Workflow Management

Paul Jhon, CIOReview Europe | Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Today, with firms and employees more hyper-connected than previously, automation technology plays a vital role in workflow management.

FREMONT, CA: An agile business is a successful business. Any executive would say that a company should keep a firm eye on what the market is doing to stay ahead of the competition. Automation is here, but its effect on the workforce will create ripple impacts for decades to come. Whether or not the business embraces automated workflow technology today could be the difference between success and failure. Automation is already transforming the way sectors operate, and the next decade will be particularly vital.

Accountants understand the value of automated workflow technology. Often impacted by repetitive, time-consuming activities like invoicing, data entry, and template generation, with the right, they can be relieved of those responsibilities to spend more time with their clients and focus on more creative, income-generating projects. And with humans doing fewer repetitive tasks at work, they are shown to become more engaged. That is good news for all practices that deploy automation, as enterprises with highly engaged employees outperform their competition by 147 percent.

On an extensive level, sectors of all types will see advantages from automation. While it is true that automation will eliminate asks in the coming years – specifically jobs that are seamlessly automated due to repetitive, non-creative activities– it will also open up a new job market. According to the research, this market will generate demand for workers with greater technological nous and the potential to use their social and emotional skills for more nuanced tasks.

Almost all publications with technology talk about how automation is changing industries and the economy, but where are the hard statistics – specifically in terms of businesses automating their workflow operations?  IBM set out to search for evidence of how automation is enhancing business processes. The technology giant concluded that organizations that had deployed changes to their workflow management through automation were already reaping serious advantages. Firms that depend on conventional workflow solutions are languishing behind their more tech-savvy peers. In the next decade, the rise of automation will elevate some organizations while bringing others to their knees.

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