How AWS Partner Network Helps with Cost Management for Training, Development, and Marketing

CIO Review Europe | Wednesday, June 30, 2021

AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global technology and consulting partner programme leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build customer solutions and services. The APN helps partners build, market, and sell their AWS offers through valuable business, technical, and marketing support.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses that join the AWS Partner Network (APN) and participate in specific AWS Partner programmes can access various funding benefits to assist them in building, marketing, and selling with AWS. These funding benefits are customised to one's business's training, new product and solution development, and go-to-market activities, allowing to reach new customers and differentiate the business. In addition, AWS Partners may be compensated in cash or AWS Promotional Credits, depending on the funding option selected.

Below are the most prominent Funding Benefits.

Acquire proficiency with Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS Partner Network enhances capacity and capabilities for delivering AWS solutions and products by taking advantage of various training options, including classroom, virtual-led, and digital training.

Create new products and services: AWS Partner Network contributes to the innovation and development of products and solutions that incorporate or are built on top of AWS services.

Ensure that go-to-market activities are possible: Companies develop AWS qualified opportunities with AWS customers and other partners through demand generation activities.

Accelerate the sales cycle and increase the enterprise’s pipeline: Funds are available to assist entrepreneur’s in building a customer pipeline, exploring proofs of concepts, and accelerating migration projects for Partner-led opportunities from development to deployment.

Below are some available AWS partner financing options.

Discounts and Credits aplenty: Accelerating the technical team's onboarding with discounted training for AWS Certification exams. Earning AWS Promotional Credits for Certifications passed to increase the organization's capacity and capability to deliver AWS solutions and products.

APN Innovation Sandbox Credits Use AWS Promotional Credits to offset: AWS usage costs incurred during solution development as part of the Innovation Sandbox projects. As a result, AWS Partners can integrate AWS services into solutions and launch products built on AWS more quickly and efficiently.

Funds for Marketing Development: The Marketing Development Funds (MDF) help defray the marketing cost to generate demand and grow the enterprise's sales pipeline. In addition, receiving cash or AWS Promotional Credits helps businesses promote their AWS services and solutions.

Funds for Partner Opportunity Acceleration: Partner Opportunity Acceleration (POA) funds enable companies to advance with customers by conducting proof of concept or migration studies. Gaining from a cash or AWS Promotional Credits shorten sales cycles and increase customer adoption of AWS Partner solutions or products powered by AWS.

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