How can Cisco's new Platform Help Mitigate Biggest Security Concerns?

CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2020

Managing complex multi-vendor space today is a reality for companies, and it has become a chief information security officers' (CISO) worst enemy.

FREMONT, CA: Cisco has created SecureX, a cloud-native platform that increases security teams' productivity to solve this issue. SecureX merges visibility, identifies unknown threats, and automates the workflows to strengthen the customers' security throughout network, cloud, endpoint, and applications.

Cisco SecureX offers a consistent experience embedded in every Cisco product company already has and integrates with non-Cisco products in its environment. It extracts information from them and uses it to develop new insights for security teams of any size. It provides unified visibility throughout Cisco Security products and the rest of the security infrastructure in one place and helps the teams to collaborate on investigations.

With the help of Cisco SecureX, an investigation begins with an alert on the screen. On clicking on it, a ribbon is expanded that shows aggregated and enriched event data that provides fast, detailed intelligence. The user will see a brief of the alert, related events, data about the targeted device, who it's assigned to, and the associated network traffic behavior.

SecureX not only spots the emerging threats early but also enables security teams to automate workflows — from the investigation with a shared context to formulate responding actions across numerous control points. Cisco SecureX brings the team members together, displaying them the threat mitigation playbooks, which were automatically run so that everyone understands the state.

Cisco SecureX's unique blend of aggregated intelligence and coordinated response is the perfect remedy for multi-vendor environments. It empowers security teams, strengthening security across the entire infrastructure, including the cloud. It offers speed, allowing the user to realize desired outcomes with lower overhead and advancing the security maturity with existing resources. And it offers breadth. Its extensive product coverage enables them to respond across every control point, minimizing the chance to miss essential data or threat components. It also offers accuracy, thanks to a mixture of policy validation and automation that ensures a consistent predefined response to every threat.

Cisco SecureX is a force multiplier that makes the users existing Cisco Security products more potent by feeding them more information about their infrastructure. In an environment where SecOps teams struggle to have enough time to secure the business—and the CISO wants security to enable, not block new business endeavors — it offers a valuable advantage against online attackers.

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