How Can Companies Handle IT Asset Management Better?

CIO Review Europe | Monday, March 22, 2021

The ITAM practice and information provided by the process must be integrated into the daily operation of managing the IT infrastructure.

FREMONT, CA: Complete visibility of assets, services, contracts, subscriptions, expenditure, processes, and people is critical to efficient IT Asset Management (ITAM). The companies can develop strategies on top of the data to make ITAM operate properly. It is necessary to use best practices to improve the development and ongoing execution of that function.

Companies must be aware of their IT infrastructure and networks' makeup and configuration, which also stretches beyond the office to include employee residences, cloud facilities, and cloud properties. The following are some ways that show having a complete "blueprint" of the IT inventory will help the entire company.

Developing the blueprint involves establishing and sustaining a systematic ITAM practice within the company. They will be optimizing this process to reduce the cost and workforce needed to achieve a highly successful ITAM operation by connecting well-established best practices to an online IT function's ever-changing nature.

Create a Dedicated ITAM Group

Select a small but experienced group of IT practitioners to determine the company's requirements. This core group must construct the program's objectives, decide what information the ITAM process should provide, who needs the outcome, research ITAM tools, and set a budget. They need to collaborate with other parts of the company and have the authority to decide the ITAM practices. The ITAM team would oversee the full implementation when the plan is approved.

Get Trained

The team should be qualified and certified before implementing the strategy. The International Association of IT Asset Managers provides a comprehensive range of accredited certificate courses that will give the ITAM team the expertise and information required to bring the ITAM to practice into effect.

Prioritize the Deliverables

The companies must not expect to achieve all at once. Determine the most critical deliverables and strive to meet them first. They will see a clear path towards success and complete implementation if they prioritize the activities. The project will develop naturally over time and could take a year or two to fully mature. ITAM practice implementation is a long-term, evolutionary process, not a one-time occurrence.

Automation is Vital

The ITAM team must analyze and assess the various IT asset management software options. They can investigate the abilities for automated device discovery and identification, software discovery, and license reconciliation while implementing a configuration management database (CMDB) or an IT Asset Database. The IT Asset Database must receive data from third-party databases and toolsets, like a purchasing system or Microsoft SCCM, and the IT asset software tool's discovery information.

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