How Citrix Analytics is Improving Security in Businesses

CIO Review Europe | Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Numerous companies across industries depend on Citrix analytics solutions to keep people productive and intellectual property protected.

FREMONT, CA: Long before security issues arise or employees begin to file help desk tickets, Citrix analytics solutions enable enterprises to identify and prevent possible threats and promptly fix performance concerns. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are utilized to deliver real-time insights into user behavior and automate mitigating cybersecurity breaches. All while providing employees with a dependable digital workspace experience.

As workers become more dispersed, proactive analytics tools like this become increasingly vital. The risk of security breaches is enormous and expanding, as is the risk of bottlenecks or failures in mission-critical equipment. Citrix analytics solutions are built to continuously monitor user activity, endpoints, apps, and infrastructure, to provide quick responses.

How do Citrix's performance and security analytics solutions differ from other analytics platforms?

Citrix is the only company that understands the Citrix data. Several third-party analytics solutions lack sufficient data sources and hence cannot offer meaningful updates about users, endpoints, and networks. As a result, Citrix's product portfolio includes the choice of incorporating security and performance analytics.

Instead of waiting for dissatisfied customers to complain, companies may quickly identify issues and fix them immediately. Users can automatically design policies for taking actions when unusual behaviors happen on individual accounts rather than looking for potential weaknesses. Companies will always have the precise insights they require to keep assets and people secure and to guarantee that apps run at optimal performance due to continuous risk assessment and real-time notifications.

How do Citrix security and performance analytics solutions help companies troubleshoot faster?

Citrix Analytics for Security and Citrix Analytics for Performance are cloud-based dashboards that help businesses be more proactive. They explore the Citrix ecosystem, such as digital workplace solutions, virtualization, collaboration tools, and more for vast amounts of data on user behavior and threat intelligence.

Citrix Analytics for Security- Individual risk scores are generated using machine learning. These values are used to track network activity instead of external threats and automatically apply policies as threats are recognized. These actionable insights are utilized to prevent malware and cyberattacks without interfering with or complicating the work experience.

Citrix Analytics for Performance- To develop individual user experience scores, it uses data from Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and other sources. These scores are used to assist IT in isolating and resolving performance issues as they arise, often before users are aware of them or have an opportunity to report them.

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