How Dell Partners Help in Promoting Security for Mid-Market Businesses

Paul Jhon, CIOReview Europe | Thursday, October 01, 2020

Paul Jhon, CIOReview Europe

Security has become one of the biggest concerns for IT these days for organizations of all sizes in all the sectors.

FREMONT, CA: The mid-market businesses have a similar security concern as larger enterprises, but they do not have similar budgets or staff resources. The question is, how do they secure them while transforming their businesses, and how do they make sure that their IT solutions will continue to meet every evolving user demands. The answer to this predicament lies in the robust new mid-market proposition that is particularly designed to meet these needs as well as helps to grow a business as a Dell Technology partner.

Build business while helping the customers to protect theirs

In their first end-to-end partner campaign solution for mid-market businesses, Dell Technology has brought together a ready-made portfolio of Intel®-powered devices and data center solutions. These help organizations transform their businesses and provide complete protection, with industry-leading answers to security concerns. With the modular, Intel-based portfolio, solutions can be designed to suit the businesses at every size and stage, and on every budget.

The Go-To Technology Partner

A Dell Technologies partner will ideally be positioned to deliver the trusted and affordable solutions that any medium-sized businesses ask for. The mid-market organizations have to witness a myriad of threats to their business assets, corporate, and customer data – through physical theft and loss, ransomware, Denial-of-Service (DoS/DDoS), phishing/pharming, malware, data attacks, SQL injection, and more.

As the attacks are becoming more sophisticated, frequent, and widespread, these organizations need enterprise-grade protection without the added complexity and cost of larger-business solutions. This is the perfect time to leverage their new Mid-Market campaign to show how it can enable the customers’ security transformation.

Dell’s end-to-end solutions help ensure ease of implementation and integration because its pioneering products are explicitly designed to work together. It means companies can offer integrated solutions from a single vendor, for additional peace of mind for their customers.

Trusted devices, trusted infrastructure, trusted data

It is important to recognize that each mid-market business has its challenges, and understanding each customer’s specific IT landscape is vital. Each customer needs a tailored, all-encompassing, end-to-end solution that addresses and meets their evolving IT and user demands.

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