How Does Professional Services Automation Impact Organizations?

CIOReview | Friday, September 18, 2020

Numerous software needed by companies to perform essential functions has always posed a challenging operations management problems; thus, operations management systems help to overcome this challenge.

FREMONT, CA: Most of the professional services organization recognize the fact that they need a Professional Services Automation (PSA) system. But there is a big difference between knowing that everyone else in the industry uses a tool so that the company understands the benefits it can bring to the business. When one understands the core benefits of transitioning or upgrading the PSA solution, it becomes to convince others in the organization that the shift is worthwhile. 

Here are some points on how professional services automation makes a massive difference to the business and what can an organization expect from it.

Standardized Working Methods

If everyone uses the same tool, then the ways of doing tasks naturally become standardized. Regardless of the role on a project, or who the client is, the user interface for entering the project data is consistent. This makes it easy for the consultants to switch between projects, or to pick up a project from someone else who is out of the business for a while, maybe due to sickness, for example.

A central database in the PSA application

Project revenue and the cost data is stored centrally in one database. This makes it much easier to see cost forecasts throughout the organization. There is another core item also in the central database: deliverables. The employer knows what is exactly needed for each project. And because it is possible to track that in the same system ad costs and expenses, they can measure productivity. This gives them access to powerful reports. 

PSA reporting is in real-time

Taking real-time decisions based on up-to-the-minute information is one of the hardest things for the mangers. In fast-paced industries, it can be tough to find out what one needs to make decisions in a timely way. That’s stressful for the account managers and project managers, and not excellent service for the clients.

PSA tools provide an organization with real-time reporting and analytics. The analytics and standard reports are embedded in the system. One can create their versions of reports because all the data is stored in the same database; the reports are real-time and fully comprehensive.

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