How Gamification Can Help Motivate Employees

CIO Review Europe | Friday, April 16, 2021

The use of gamification in companies, especially during remote work, will increase efficiency and productivity. 

FREMONT, CA: Gamification is a rising trend in employee engagement that involves using a digital environment to assist workers in achieving specific goals and objectives. Employees participate in a game that rewards them with points, status, and rewards to develop their abilities, goals, or objectives.

According to the theory of gamification, everyone enjoys games and friendly competition and the benefits that come with it.

People are staying connected and playing games more than ever before due to the increased usage of social media, mobile apps' popularity, and the increasing sophistication of mobile technology. Gamification is suitable for most working environments. It has the potential to increase their engagement and productivity in a fun, simple, and accessible way.

The art of gamification

When some people hear the word "game," they may conjure up images of mindlessly using an app or dismiss it as a waste of time. But people must not get deceived by the term "gamification." The games are fun, but they are focused on business. Some people can see it as a type of technology-assisted behavior modification. But that do not have the same ring to it as the term "gamification."

Gamification is effective at inspiring and engaging workers. They learn new skills, attitudes, and problem-solving strategies. Gamification boosts motivation by providing constant positive feedback. It streamlines complex tasks so that the brain can learn them over time with less tension and exhaustion. It also engages the brain's ancestral status and empowers the reward system.

Focus areas where you can use gamification

Gamification programs can benefit a business in several ways.

Learning and Development

Games may be used to teach new skills to new or experienced workers. The gamification of the learning platforms will help with retention and performance.

Customer Support

Employees will be more motivated to help customers with greater efficiency and quality if encouraged for their achievements and rewards through gamification. It will also allow staff to share new ideas and strategies with the rest of the team.

Improving Sales

Gamification will help salespeople work together more efficiently. It recognizes not just the final sale but also all the measures that lead up to it.


Employers should encourage workers to share company details on social media with the help of gamification.

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