How Innovations in Call Centre Technology Has Reshaped the Industry

CIO Review Europe | Wednesday, August 25, 2021

For older contact centres, call centre technologies may appear to be relatively advanced. However, all world-class facilities employ these technologies daily.

FREMONT, CA: Certain individuals have deemed the call centre obsolete. That is technically incorrect—the phone centre is still operational. There have been so many advancements and modifications that today's call centre bears little resemblance to past ones.

The majority of people have an outmoded understanding of what a call centre is and accomplishes, which is why so many assume it has significant limitations. Indeed, call centres have evolved and will continue to grow. These call centre technologies are fundamentally altering the game.

Multiple-Centre Approaches

Additionally, call centre technology has enabled more businesses to employ “follow the sun” or multiple centre methods. Historically, most companies maintained a single call centre location, which meant that all of their representatives were located in the same time zone and geographic area. Customer service representatives can now be located anywhere in the world.

Companies can ensure that their call centre is staffed around the clock with representatives in multiple time zones, providing 24-hour support to their customers. While this may not sound like "technology" to some, cloud computing and other advancements in telecommunications enable this plan to become a reality.

Computing in the Cloud

While the term "the cloud" has become a bit of a catchphrase among businesses and consumers alike, the move toward cloud computing is far from a fad. Cloud computing enables the storage of documents and data in a centralised location accessible from virtually anywhere. Apple, Amazon, Google, and other major firms will encourage customers to use the cloud to sync files across several devices.

How does this relate to call centres? To be sure, call centre technology has gone toward the cloud as well. Customer data is now centrally stored at call centres, making it easily accessible to customer support representatives worldwide. Additionally, it simplifies data mining. Improved analytics results in a complete picture of your customers, enabling you to provide superior customer experiences.

Conversations, text messages, and emails

People are quick to dismiss the benefits of call centres because modern call centres look nothing like traditional contact centres. During a shift, a representative may not even field a single call! Reps communicate with customers in various ways: Webchat, email, text, and even social media interactions are now included in the services provided by a "call centre."

Improved call centre technology enables more businesses to utilise these different modes of communication, and it establishes chat and social media as legitimately viable methods of providing superior customer support.

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