How is Artificial Intelligence Helping with Drug Discovery?

CIOReview | Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Drug discovery is a lengthy, complicated, and expensive process requiring the concerted efforts of the best of the mind, and therefore, modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence help to ease and fast-track the process.

Fremont, CA: The main complexity is in understanding human physiology and molecular mechanisms. It is increasing with every new research paper that is published and for every new compound tested. With the world is facing new problems in trying to adapt as well as defend itself against coronavirus, artificial intelligence is offering new hopes that have the potential to develop a cure faster than before.

AI applications for drug discovery

Many start-ups are focusing on the use of artificial intelligence in drug development. The clinical trials have also seen substantial investment in recent years, so the vendors are focusing on drug design and discovery and receive a majority funding of $5.2B funding between 2012 and 2019.

The AI-based drug designing applications are involved directly with the molecular structure of the drugs. They derive data and insights from information engines from generating novel drug candidates, validating or optimizing drug candidates, or repurpose the existing drugs for new areas.

AI against coronavirus

The recent investment in AI for drug development has proved that the start-up has had the power and resources to develop their technologies. Compared to AI in medical imaging, the total investment has surpassed four-fold, even if the number of funded start-ups is similar between the two industries. This alone makes the average deal size of AI in drug development 3.5 times more than medical imaging.

Although a lot is coming up in the industry presently and there are many suggestions as to what might work as a therapy for coronavirus, from existing drugs already on the market and also from new molecules being designed by the AI drug developers, the medical and scientific community, and even regulators, will not neglect the scientific method. 

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