How is Dell Technologies Creating High Standards with its Partner Program

Paul Jhon, CIOReview Europe | Monday, March 15, 2021

Paul Jhon, CIOReview Europe

The Dell Technologies Partner Program is primarily focused on the criteria for partner revenue thresholds and certifications to reach tiers.

FREMONT, CA: The Dell Technologies Partner Program holds key elements to it that has been helping the business to raise its bar. The new Proven Partner Services Competency recognizes partners who have deep experience planning and implementing Dell Technologies infrastructure and solutions from start to finish. These competencies will be initially available in two solution aspects: data center infrastructure, which contains alignment across server, networking, storage, and data protection competencies; and hyperconverged infrastructure, which comprises HCI, networking, server, and data protection competencies. As a result, the business is excited about this extension to the platform, allowing it to identify partners with extensive end-to-end expertise for their solutions.

In the partner portal’s ‘Find A Partner’ capability, a partner with a competency would be prioritized. The aim is to give them first access to leads created by the internal sales team. So, the firm wants to make sure that there is a good go-to-market engine so that partners who have these skills who are active in operating in these solution fields are well-known to the internal sales team and can cooperate on deals with them. They will also be the first to hear about emerging service competencies when they become available.

The Dell Technologies Partner Program is primarily focused on the criteria for partner revenue thresholds and certifications to reach tiers.  What the enterprise wants to ensure with these new competencies is they have a program structure that is traditionally oriented but then enhances it in ways to recognize partners. It intends to achieve this through branding and increased access to training to identify those partners that provide broader end-to-end capabilities across the portfolio.

The firm has made a deliberate effort to align its quoting platform with the cloud, networking, and storage networks. It uses the Solutions Configurator tool to merge Dell EMC storage products into the same platform the business offers to server and networking partners. But it is not only about putting these products together; the enterprise is also strengthening its partners’ skills in fields from deal registration to orders.

There are obvious advantages only in terms of being able to work in one tool, which makes it easy for the clients to work with so they do not have to access multiple solutions that are set up differently with varying procedures and rules, and so on, but instead one consistent approach for the ISG (Infrastructure Solutions Group) portfolio.

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