How is Esri Leading the GIS Revolution?

Paul Jhon, CIOReview Europe | Thursday, June 17, 2021

By developing cutting edge location intelligence services and solutions, Esri is leading the geospatial technology revolution to new territories.

FREMONT, CA: With the unprecedented rise of mobile technology and communications, smart devices have democratized mapping and moved geospatial technology into the hands of people. New ways to collect, visualize, and analyze geospatial data is at the heart of this geospatial revolution. Thanks to Esri for helping to use geospatial data innovatively and improving the lives of people. Esri is leading the road with a comprehensive suite of geospatial solutions and services for supporting a complete spectrum of location capabilities. These range from mapping and location analytics to complex tools for addressing complex geospatial problems. 

Most Esri users, including thousands of businesses, local, state, and national government agencies, are systematically integrating Esri’s geospatial capabilities with their operations. Esri's geospatial services and solutions with basic mapping and analytics have now improved and expanded into a complete suite of geographic information abilities that include advanced visualization and spatial analytics. Esri is also the only company delivering cloud-based GIS that includes several dynamic capabilities that continuously leverage ready-to-use maps, imagery, and demographic content.

Cloud-based services from Esri are easy to use, and businesses of all sizes and shapes can avail them. GIS capabilities will help organizations around the world to integrate mapping and geospatial analysis into their business applications, offering a full new understanding of complex roadblocks. Esri’s geospatial solutions help users map and analyze data and combine it with other online information layers to discover new insights. 

Esri is creating focused, geo-enabled systems for industries of all types. The ways in which organizations apply this include improving supply chain management and getting real-time field updates and helping in generating customer analytics and optimizing location. With its adaptable, easy-to-use GIS solutions, Esri has been able to engage diverse industries, thereby exploring new territories with whole new ways of applying GIS. 

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