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CIOReview | Friday, August 28, 2020


The platform offered by ServiceNow is helping the companies to increase the efficiency of the departments.

FREMONT, CA: Every business across all industries requires effective service operations. However, every company has to deal with operational failure. Failures like break down of monitors can happen anytime and any day. There can also be situations when one department might need access to another department’s software system. However, these might seem small issues, but it can create more significant operations problems, especially when deadlines are approaching. 

The companies can solve some of the issues by utilizing the software of ServiceNow. It is a multi-billion-dollar worldwide cloud software provider. The company offers its clients a cloud-based service portal, which helps the HR, Customer Service, and IT by providing best-in-class categorization, assignment, and routing abilities. 

Understanding the Critical Role of IT

Most of the companies have to deal with IT issues almost regularly, and even if the problem is not related to IT, the requests have to pass through the IT department to get it done. However, the process in which the companies track, manage, resolve, and report these IT requests can make or break the operational workflow. 

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The HR department team has to deal with numerous employee requests and questions regularly. The customer service management team also has to request various things like product information, billing, product warranty, and many more. Traditionally, the companies used to have different department-specific systems to resolve these problems. For example, there were a separate system for requesting software access and a separate system used to deal with requests related to hardware problems. But, implementing different systems can be problematic as it creates low productivity, negative customer and employee feedback, and bad experience from all the common issues. However, the platform developed by ServiceNow has helped the companies to reduce such problems efficiently. 

ServiceNow allows the companies to design workflow and service procedures as an integration capable Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) system. The software utilizes the to-down method to incorporate all the disparate tasks. Furthermore, ServiceNow’s consumer-like help desk system also permits automated request categorization, assignments, and automated routing that work collectively to provide faster resolutions. ServiceNow can help companies to expand their enterprise by developing efficient departments.

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