How Modern Contact Centres are Improving Customer Experience

CIO Review Europe | Thursday, October 14, 2021

Today’s contact centers focus on creating personalized, effortless, and intelligent customer and employee experiences.

Fremont, CA: Leading contact centres are focusing on delivering a multi-experience — a personalized, seamless, and intelligent customer and staff experience across every touchpoint, interaction, and modality along the journey. A multi-experience enhances the customer journey and helps employees be more satisfied with their jobs by creating useful and lasting connections. However, there has never been a better opportunity to do so. Companies have hastened their digital transformations to adapt to new methods of working as a result of COVID-19.

Creating a multi-experience necessitates overcoming a number of obstacles. While many contact centres have concentrated their efforts on enabling new communication channels, many of which are automated, such as chatbots and social media, human engagement is more crucial than ever. Contact centres must now accommodate employees and managers who may be located anywhere, in addition to smoothly blending human interactions with more automated experiences. AI is now being used in most contact centres to improve customer experiences.

Modern contact centers are enhancing customer experience

To solve all of these difficulties and empower agents to engage, predict, nurture, and offer outstanding experiences that enhance customer retention and turn customers into advocates, digital transformation technologies, such as cloud-based solutions, are critical. To accomplish this, the Customer Experience Center must seamlessly connect customers across all touchpoints, modes, and devices, regardless of channel, engagement, resource, or time.

A customer experience centre also focuses on organizing processes across today's often disparate organizational functions, application silos, and disjointed infrastructure, ensuring customers and employees have everything they need at the touch of a finger, including knowledge resources, subject matter experts, and real-time insights, including insight into a customer's emotional state.

CCaaS allows management to provide correct assistance and coaching all through the employee lifecycle, resulting in empowered and enabled workers who become brand champions and are less prone to burn out when they are more successful at supporting customers.

Finally, during every customer experience, a CXC combines AI, knowledge, and insights, ensuring that smart choices and educated next best actions benefit customers, employees, and the business.

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