How SDS Improves Data Accessibility

CIO Review Europe | Friday, July 29, 2022

The ability of DataCore to upgrade software extends the lifespan of current storage devices

FREMONT, CA: Storage for businesses can be a complicated IT asset. This is mainly because the IT infrastructure environment is fragmented and has several architectures and formats. The potential of storage cannot be realised because of the burdensome management. SDS allows businesses to utilise software to extract the hardware and features of servers and storage systems. Hardware becomes a background activity when all functionality is moved to software–what equipment a business utilises is no longer relevant. Given that companies use various storage options, SDS becomes of immense help. Contemporary storage technologies must simplify difficult problems when looking at storage from this aspect.

Because of its rising popularity in recent years, object storage stands out in particular. The format is appropriate for data from contemporary applications like artificial intelligence and video calls because of its storing strategy also known as unstructured data.

Benefits of Software-Defined Storage

Software-defined storage products enable all businesses, regardless of size, to access enterprise functionality. Companies no longer rely on hardware and vendors to eliminate infrastructure silos. Additionally, this makes updating infrastructure easier, which is accomplished in several ways. Additionally, SDS makes sure that data migration is simpler when updating storage hardware.

SDS also reduces the complexity of storage management, which is another feature. In the market today, this is highly appreciated. Requests that take time away from the administrator's main tasks are frequent. SDS management modifies that by automating some processes. SDS offers a centralised management interface for all hardware as a software layer on top of storage devices. This makes it possible for the administrator to control everything from a single area. Adding storage options directly from the interface is very simple.

There are several measures needed to be taken at the infrastructure level to retain and secure data. Considering that ransomware attacks are a typical cause of disruption and data loss, it's crucial to carefully evaluate how quickly a company can recover its infrastructure and data.

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