How ServiceNow will Increase Employee Productivity

CIO Review Europe | Tuesday, August 10, 2021

ACC will increase IT efficiency with a unified agent that helps to decrease incident duration and frequency that will improve employee productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses must respond promptly and efficiently to their employees' expectations, mainly about service difficulties, as distributed work models have become standard. Traditionally, using different agents throughout departments has made it challenging for service and operations teams to quickly get the information they require to solve employee problems and requests.

ServiceNow recently introduced Agent Client Collector (ACC) to address this issue, save money, and ensure timely processing of employee requests, even when they are remote. ACC can be defined as a unified agent solution that enables teams to collect and track data across software, hardware, and cloud infrastructure and meet visibility needs.

Conventional agents prioritize gathering diagnostic data, while ACC goes much beyond that. It enables service and operations departments to automate problem resolution and detect and help avoid service outages in advance.

A remote employee with IT concerns, for example, can use an engaging chatbot to interact to a live agent experience. Without the requirement for remote desktop software, the help desk agent can use the Live Asset view functionality to visualize end-user asset data and gather diagnostic information.

Powering a nimbler, more resilient enterprise

ServiceNow combines a single unified platform, a data model, and, with the addition of ACC, a single agent to streamline IT work while updating systems and automating procedures for employees.

ACC can manage various products in IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Service Management (ITSM), Hardware Asset Management (HAM), Software Asset Management (SAM), and Security Operations by leveraging the capabilities of the Now Platform (SecOps).

ACC, in particular, promotes operational resilience and enhances the employee experience by gathering diagnostic data and automating incident resolution—proactively detecting and assisting in the prevention of service delays before they impact the employee experience.

In today's economy, IT budgets are under more strain than ever. ACC's accumulation of employee software and hardware data aids in the optimization of operating expenses and investments, freeing up resources for other critical goals.

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