How Voice AI Can Improve Customer Contact Center Operations

CIO Review Europe | Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Voice AI as a primary contact center automation technology will be a game-changer for businesses interested in learning the language that their customers understand.

FREMONT, CA: In the unprecedented global COVID-19 outbreak, even the best-prepared disaster recovery strategies were caught unaware. Companies are still struggling to deal with the fallout from a financial and humanitarian catastrophe. While diverse industries have seen different degrees of effect, just a handful have remained unaffected.

Several businesses, particularly B2C enterprises, are increasingly concerned about keeping their consumers engaged and maintaining their interactions with them, even though physical storefronts were unreachable for longer than expected. It was vital for several industries, like airlines, to convey adjustments and cancellations to their consumers and resolve their complaints.

Others, such as e-commerce businesses with less effect, had to stay active and keep services updated, guaranteeing that supply chain bottlenecks and interruptions were resolved and conveyed to the end customer.

Others, such as ISPs, witnessed a surge in new connections and a massive demand for improvements as work from home became the new normal, or banks, where the incoming inquiries were confined to the digital medium. Regardless of the impact on organizations, one factor remained constant throughout industries to preserve business continuity: the necessity to maintain communication.

Falling agent call capacity

Businesses are now under massive pressure to accomplish more with less, minimize expenses, improve efficiency, and maintain growth and continuity. Consumers are becoming more demanding, challenges became more complicated, and many circumstances are rising that has never been seen before.

These figures are unlikely to alter as contact centers strive to provide adequate agent capacity in long-term work-from-home circumstances. This is one of the few times when a new problem has been addressed with an innovative solution, like Voice AI.

Multilingual Voice AI takes center stage

Companies are compelled to wake up to the truth that automating contact center operations can ensure outstanding customer service experiences while keeping the complicated interactions for human agents. For post-pandemic, exhausted contact center operations, voice AI offers much-needed help.

Using a multilingual speech AI platform to operate as a virtual contact center agent alongside a human agent can help minimize call wait times, provide better and faster solutions, and allow seamless transitions between machine and agent for more complicated situations. It will result in increased client loyalty and lower customer acquisition expenses.

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